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For Responsible Improvements to the Albany Waterfront District

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Our vision of the Waterfront, where asphalt currently exists. ...

The Albany Waterfront Coalition (AWC) of Albany, California, is composed exclusively of Albany residents, including many who have served on City commissions, in elective offices, and in volunteer service to the community. We bring professional experience in architectural design, planning, and local legal issues to discussions pertaining to the Albany Waterfront District, which consists of the City-owned "Albany Bulb," the State-owned "Plateau," and the Golden Gate Fields race track, currently owned by Magna Corp.

We have come together to assure that the legitimate interests and concerns of all Albany residents are given adequate voice as the planning of the Waterfront unfolds. We seek to encourage discussion and debate, not stifle it. We seek to make positive contributions to the planning process for the benefit of our community, about which we care a great deal.

We note that all community groups, including the Sierra Club, recognize that some development at our waterfront is necessary for economic purposes. We offer critiques of various proposals, which we compare to our AWC goals, but we do not endorse any specific proposals.

We are entirely self-funded; we are not funded by, nor are we beholden to, the racetrack owners or any developer.

How we work: The Albany Waterfront Coalition uses its collective experience to review plans that are presented for public consideration and provide Albany voters with clear, reasoned responses to the various issues they raise.

If you are an Albany resident and agree with our goals, please join us!

  • Howard McNenny, President
  • Haruko Nagaishi, Treasurer

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