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Albany Waterfront Coalition For Responsible Improvements to the Albany Waterfront District
Albany Waterfront Coalition Goals
Encourage and engage in informed and objective consideration of any development plans or processes proposed for the Albany Waterfront District, and review them against our goals:

  1. Reclaim the Waterfront shoreline for all residents, including the young and the elderly. This must include a fully accessible, well-maintained, and family-friendly expanse of park land along the shoreline, including the City-owned Bulb.
  2. Complete the Bay Trail.
  3. Preserve and protect Codornices Creek and the wetlands as valuable environmental resources.
  4. Educate and inform Albany residents about the geological, legal, financial, and environmental aspects of the Waterfront District.
  5. Engage a wide range of viewpoints through a community-involvement process, conducted by an independent consultant.
  6. Involve the current and future owners of Golden Gate Fields.
  7. Protect revenues of existing Albany businesses.
  8. Ensure sufficient tax revenues that fully fund City and School District services, programs, and capital-improvement plans, without requiring the levying of new taxes on Albany property owners.
  9. Do not rely on state funding.
  10. Encourage adherence to sustainable design principles, such as those set forth by the US Green Building Council.
  11. Do not include casino gambling.

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