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Albany Waterfront Coalition For Responsible Improvements to the Albany Waterfront District
Overhead picture of the Albany Waterfront

Image courtesy of US Geological Survey

  1. The Albany Bulb: Created in the 40's through the 60's as landfill, it consists of broken concrete and rebar, now covered with wild vegetation. This undeveloped land is owned by the City of Albany, with a maintenance budget of zero dollars per year. It has no maintained paths, restrooms, water fountains, and so on. The City would like to transfer this land to the Park District, but the District will not accept it until it has been improved by the City, and until the District has the funds to maintain it.
  2. The Neck: A narrow, unmaintained access to the Bulb, which is part of the EastShore State Park, but is largely unmaintained, due to lack of funds.
  3. The Plateau: This area is also part of the EastShore State Park, but is also largely unmaintained, due to lack of funds. A large part of the Plateau will soon be fenced off to allow for the possible nesting of Burrowing Owls. This was a trade-off agreed on when the future ballfields (area 7) were planned: It is hoped that Burrowing Owls on the ballfields will choose to relocate to the Plateau.
  4. Golden Gate Fields Parking Lot: The white area directly below the number "4" is the 33-acre parking lot belonging to Golden Gate Fields. This was the area on which GGF wished to build a mixed-use development.
  5. Cesar Chavez Park and Berkeley Marina: Located in Berkeley, this is not officialy part of the Albany Waterfront District. However, it indicates that large areas of the local waterfront in general are in fact devoted to parkland.
  6. The Meadow: Also in Berkeley, and belonging to the EastShore State Park, part of this area was recently converted into a bird sanctuary.
  7. Berkeley Ballfields: A work in progress, funding should soon be available to build ballfields on this part of the EastShore State Park.

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