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City of Albany Budget

The City of Albany Finance & Administrative Services Department monitors the fiscal operations of the City, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and other business transactions. It compiles financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, and so on, and compiles and reconciles fixed assets.

The Department also addresses long-term financial operations by developing five-year revenue and expenditure forecasts, midyear budget review and revisions, along with capital-improvement projects such as lighting, landscaping, streets, and sewers.

All this information is available on the Finance and Administrative Services page on the City's Website. Unfortunately, the sheer volume and complexity of all the various reports makes the City's overall financial situation very difficult for the average resident to comprehend. It's hard to get straight answers to questions like these:

  • Will the City have a surplus or deficit this year?
  • Which capital-improvement projects are funded and which aren't?
  • Will the city need to raise property or parcel taxes this year? If so, why?

In the near future, the AWC will attempt to bring you a "layperson's view" of the City budget that will answer questions such as these and make the City's finances more transparent to its residents.

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