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1. Entrance to the Waterfront Trail: This leads onto the Neck and then to The Bulb. This part of the waterfront is well-maintained by the City.

2. Pathway on The Neck: A short distance from the entrance, the path becomes rugged and uneven. The elderly and families with small children in strollers are unable to go further.

3. View from The Bulb to Cesar Chavez Park (Berkeley): Whereas Cesar Chavez park is well-maintained, The Bulb consists largely of concrete, rubble, rebar, and old tires.

4. Concrete on The Bulb: A typical view on The Bulb, where the landfill is partially covered with weeds and grasses.

5. The Parking Lot: Taken from Fleming Point, this panorama shows The Neck on the Left and the Plateau straight ahead. The line of posts running the length of the parking lot are approximately 200 feet from the beach on the left.
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